So, who is this Aysha, anyway?

Yes, you'll find some info on this page. But you'll learn even more about me if you watch my FREE Masterclass to learn all there is to know.


So, who is this Aysha, anyway?

Yes, you'll find some info below. But you'll learn even more about me if you watch my FREE Masterclass to learn all there is to know.


Hey, I'm Aysha van de Paer

In just a few of words I am a European woman in her late thirties who just L-O-V-E-S investing. And I am also a gender equality advocate who invests in alignment with her values.

Working in finance

I have over a decade of professional experience in international real estate and private equity at large and boutique real estate investment, financial, and advisory firms in Switzerland, New York, the Netherlands and Dubai.

Over the years I also developed a true passion for investing on my own account.

Family Diaries

I am also the single mother of two adorable little boys.

When I say 'single,' I should actually use the word 'widowed.' In 2017, I lost my husband in a traffic accident when we were expecting our second child.

I am Swiss (despite my very 'unswiss' name!), I currently live in Zurich and grew up in the French part of Switzerland with my entrepreneur parents and three sisters (yes, there are four of us!).

A (former) expat

Before moving to Zurich in 2014, I spent a decade working and studying in the likes of New York, Amsterdam, Dubai, Munich and San Francisco and the UK.

I am no longer an expat. But somehow I often still feel like one (but that's another story!)

So what do I do, exactly?

It all started with just a blog to help women become confident and responsible investors. But then I grew so passionate about it that there is now a little more to it.

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Why am I doing this?

Up until a couple of years ago, I was not too concerned about financial security. I had a good job. And my husband was a high earner.

But when he suddenly died in an accident in early 2017, everything changed. For the first time, my financial security and that of my children was uncertain.

And this started a chain of events that made me realize that I had to use my knowledge and experience about investing to tackle the following issues:

Issue #1

For a number of reasons, women are at a high risk of facing financial difficulties, especially later in life

Issue #2

Saving money won't do it. Investing is the only way women can achieve financial security over the long run

Issue #3

There was just no place where a (European) woman can learn about investing in a way that feels right

You know taking charge of your finances is long overdue...

" In a way, you changed my life...

I always do lots of mouth propaganda for you, Aysha, because in a way, you changed my life. You helped me understand how to invest and how to take care of money. You explain each topic very clearly, and I don't know anything like your program and support in Switzerland. And as a journalist, I dig deep."

-- Tamara Sedmak

Swiss & German TV-Host and Journalist

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