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A step-by-step program to learn how to invest and build financial security over time.


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Invest at REST...

A 12-week step-by-step program to learn how to invest and prepare for retirement.

Invest at REST is the only program of its kind that not only teaches the best research-backed investment strategies...

... and also shows you exactly how and where to invest based on your specific situation incl. pension contributions, taxes, currencies, etc., even (or especially) if you're an expat.


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By the end of this program, you will have:

Learned the necessary skill you need to take charge of your finances


Mastered the proven investment strategies to put your savings to work and grow them for your retirement without taking a ton of risk.


Created an investment and retirement plan based on your specific situation and preferences, incl. how much you should invest to reach your financial goals and in what exactly you should invest.


Opened the right investment account(s) and invested in accordance with your investment plan, which you'll be able to continue implementing on auto-pilot, or nearly.


Learned all that you should know about ETFs, how they work, and how you can use them as the cornerstone of your investment setup and retirement planning.


Discovered the world of sustainable investing, why it makes financial and economic sense, and how to build a sustainable portfolio.


Figured out the financial headaches related to pension planning like tax and currencies, especially if you're an expat.



Transformed into a confident investor who can bring her partner in the picture and gradually teach her kids how to go about money and investing the right way.

But above all else, Invest at REST will give you the nudge and confidence you need to finally start investing the right way...

... and give you the peace of mind that you've taken control of your finances and are building financial security for your old days.


"In a way, you changed my life...

I always do lots of mouth propaganda for you, Aysha, because in a way, you changed my life. You helped me understand how to invest and how to take care of money. You explain each topic very clearly, and I don't know anything like your program and support in Switzerland. And as a journalist, I dig deep."

-- Tamara Sedmak

Swiss & German TV-Host and Journalist

“During the course, I simply switched from analyzing and procrastinating to doing.

That’s the biggest impact Aysha’s course had on me. I have now invested in a robo advisor as well as directly in sustainable and gender-balanced ETFs on a trading platform. And I’m already doing the same for my mother, who can now escape expensive financial advice.”

-- Regina Vogel

German expat living in Dublin

"My favorite feature of the course are the tools and calculators

...because they make it a lot easier to apply what I learned to my own life.”

-- Alessandra Fleurent

Dual citizen (US/Swiss) living in Geneva

You know this is long overdue...


"I think the fees for the course that I have paid are one of the best investments

I started with the Invest at REST program. Although I am not done yet with the course and haven't invested anything yet, I just wanted to honestly say that I am SUPER thankful that I have stumbled upon Aysha and her knowledge that she offers to others! I think the fees for the course that I have paid are one of the best investments I have made in a long time."

-- Alona Elena Marchukova

Russian & German expat living in Zurich

"I already had a solid understanding of investing before joining the program

...having already started a Sparplan investing in ETFs years ago.  Nevertheless: there is still so much more for me to learn! On the one hand, it’s great to get the acknowledgment that my own ideas were pretty good. At the same time, it’s great to improve the planning and thinking about what I want to achieve and what my strategy is! The program also helped me to quickly understand the differences between Germany and Switzerland."

-- Anja Person

German expat working in Basel

"Once I delved into the course, I realized quickly how detailed the course was

I was a little hesitant to spend this amount of money on the course without really knowing how much I will learn more. I had read all of Aysha’s blogs and articles and felt like I already had a good idea of what the course would entail. However, once I delved into the course, I realized quickly how detailed the course was and how much I would have missed out on.

In addition, the money is worth every penny not only for the investments that I have placed (and the earnings accrued within the first 3 months) but also certainly for the confidence boost to actually take action and sort out our family finances and take control of our retirement and investments."

-- Ellen Montanari

Living in Spain and originally from Switzerland

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