Put your money

to work

Grow a 7-figure portfolio and optimize your cross-border tax & pension planning


Put your money to work

Grow a 7-figure portfolio and optimize your finances, tax, and pension planning


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Looking to invest but not sure how to go about it?

  • You're stressing about having a lot of money sitting in a bank account doing nothing, and losing value due to inflation.
  • You’re worried you’re current investments are not well diversified, whether you invest in property, own employer shares or simply rely on your pension fund.
  • You feel too dependent on your corporate job or family, with limited flexibility to switch to more fulfilling work, retire early or move abroad.
  • You're uncomfortable about not being more strategic with your finances, with accounts in several countries and no coherent tax & pension planning.

The time has come to make better use of your money

Put your money to work and grow a 7-figure portfolio that requires limited time & effort.


A step-by-step method that’s backed by research and takes into consideration your complex international lifestyle.


A special blend of customized content, small group coaching, and an inclusive community of fellow investors ready to welcome you.


An experience including the world class service and support you deserve, along with the accountability you need.

You were never meant to figure it out alone.

Career-oriented professionals just like you are raising their hand and getting the help they need to make their financial & lifestyle goals come true.

Take it from our program participants themselves…

"I love that I have real assets that produce passive earnings. And I feel like now I can see clearly while before I was running in the dark"


"I finally started investing instead of keeping my money in a savings account for a zero return. I also started planning for my retirement , and feel confident about my financial future.”.


"I am a US citizen, living in France, working in Switzerland. My situation is complex and it has been so difficult to find the right guidance before I joined Aysha’s program, which is amazing!"


“I simply switched from analyzing and procrastinating to doing. I have now invested automatically every month in my sustainable and gender-balanced portfolio."


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Hey, I'm Aysha van de Paer

I'm from Switzerland and live in beautiful Zurich with my two boys.

I’m (already!) in my early forties and have over 15 years of professional experience in the financial industry, including in private equity and real estate investing.

I also lived my life around the world and worked, and studied in the UK, Amsterdam, Munich, New York, San Francisco, and Dubai.

That’s why I'm very familiar with the personal finance issues (and headaches!) faced by an international workforce when it comes to saving, investing, and planning for retirement.

Now I share how to invest and plan for retirement with professionals just like you, all over Europe, UK and Switzerland.

Are you ready to stop procrastinating and start growing your portfolio?


How it all started...

I was struggling to organize my finances

I’d always dreamed of having it all, career success, a loving husband and two kids. I was always very career oriented and love to work, and I thought financial success was directly tied to my professional advancement.

I spent years  working hard to make my life vision a reality – getting two degrees, working around the clock to advance my career, keeping my professional aspirations going while I combined work and parental responsibilities.

I was earning well, and so did my husband, and I was investing in tons of companies without much of a strategy, instead doing some trial and error experimentation with moderate success.

And even as a financial professional, I was struggling to organize my personal finances due to my crazy busy, international and expensive lifestyle. 

My life changed in one night

I’ll never forget the day that everything changed.

It was the middle of the night on a Friday night and I was expecting my second child, when the doorbell rang and the police came in.

My husband had a bit too much to drink that night, and the worst happened: he had a road accident on his way back home and died at the hospital.

I'll never forget the emotional shock of getting the news and having to cope with everything and everyone during what happened in the following days and weeks.

My world completely changed in one night, and for the first time in my life, I was worried about my ability to keep my lifestyle and offer the best opportunities to my children.

If you’ve ever wondered if you could sustain your lifestyle should you choose to make a major change in your life, you probably know how uncomfortable it feels when you don’t even know where you stand…

… and if or when you’d be able to retire or work less without cutting down on all the things you love.

I needed a different approach to managing my finances

Unfortunately, it took that terrible accident for me to realize that something needed to change.

If playing “by the rules” and ticking all the boxes got me in this uncertain situation… I needed a different approach:

I needed to become proactive and strategic about managing and growing my money.

I found a new way to manage my complex finances

As I was adjusting to my new reality, I made the conscious decision to embark on a journey of researching, reading and attending conferences to understand how to best protect my money and grow a sizeable portfolio without adding much pressure to my crazy schedule.

That’s when I figured out how to manage my finances and invest for the long term in a way that generates good market returns AND is relatively effortless.

But then came the hard part.

I had to figure out how to implement these strategies considering my specific situation as someone with an international background and a complex life and financial situation.

And then, it clicked.

I found a new way to manage my complex finances and plan for my future - one that allowed me invest my assets very strategically, gain confidence about my financial future, and get more flexibility in life.

Within a short time, I invested several hundreds of thousands in a well-diversified, sustainable portfolio. Now, I manage a multi-million euro portfolio by myself.

But most importantly, I was able to make important life decisions like transitioning away from corporate life into self-employment, which gives me tons of flexibility and perfectly aligns with my values.

My unique method for investing and managing your finances.

I put tons of hours, time and effort into creating this method so that you don't have to.

The process that has worked for me and 100’s of other course creators is called The REST Method  and it's only available inside my group coaching program, Invest at REST.

The REST Method consists of the four essential pillars to building a successful long-term portfolio. The key is that it takes all four pillars working together to truly build a growing portfolio that becomes the backbone of your financial life.

Without this, you will likely be way too little without a coherent strategy, spending way too much of your brain space, and little results to show for it.

The REST Method allowed me to finally achieve my dream - building a well-diversified 7 figure portfolio to guarantee my lifestyle and offer every opportunity to my children.

If you want to learn more about our proprietary process and how  you can do the same for  your pile of uninvested savings, inheritance, divorce settlement or employer shares, then I'd love for you to attend a free training I put together. Click below to get registered:


Want to invest a large amount with confidence?

Invest with knowledge and confidence following a long-term and time-efficient strategy.