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All the details about my new course: The Expat Finance Kit

Living in a different country?

Confused about how to handle pension contributions, taxes, currencies and more?

You're not alone and this special episode of the Radio Aysha podcast is just for you.

🎧 Listen in as I introduce the details of my brand new course called the "Expat Finance Kit"

This isn't just any course—it's made just for people like you who have a good amount of financial resources and live an international life. 

What's Inside?

💡 Financial Knowledge & Guidance: The course helps you to understand how to deal with taxes, planning for retirement, and how to handle money when getting married or divorced, especially when living overseas. You'll also learn how to optimize your bank account setup including managing several currencies.

🛠️ Easy-to-Use Tools: The course will also include helpful checklists, email templates, decision-trees and other practical tools. These will make it easier for you to make good financial choices in a time-efficient way.

🎙️ Special Podcast for Your Questions: Got questions? Aysha will answer the most relevant and insightful questions in a special podcast only for people who join the course.

🌐 Join Our Millionaire at REST Club: When you join the course, you also get to be part of our special community! This membership includes strategic calls every quarter and in-person meetups in key cities in Europe.

To learn more, make sure to listen to this episode and register for my FREE Masterclass about How to Navigate Your Cross-Border Finances Without Costly Mistakes, which will take place on 6 September 2023 at 8pm CET/Zurich.


▶️ Go here to register for the free LIVE Masterclass on 6 September:


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