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How I nearly lost $400,000 (true story)

In this episode, I will tell you how I nearly lost $400,000 several years ago and how this could easily happen to you too if you don't know the cross-border rules that apply to you.

At that time I had just lost my husband who died very suddenly in a traffic accident, and so this was a difficult time in my life.

And going the extra mile to understand international social security agreements made all the difference.

🚨 Why You Can't Afford to Skip This Episode: This is not just an anecdote—it's a true story to make you think twice about how you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you're living a cross-border lifestyle or even just thinking about it, you'll want to listen closely to what I have to share.

🎧 So, press play and protect yourself from the rules you didn't even know could apply to you and your international lifestyle. 


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