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Radio Aysha

Hosted by: Aysha van de Paer

Join Aysha on Radio Aysha as we explore how expats residing in Europe can optimize their personal finances, including investing, taxes, pensions, and currency management.

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Why traditional investing will cost you millions (and what to do instead)

In this episode 🎧, I’m talking about why sticking with the old-fashioned way of investing, like using a bank or insurance company, might not be your smartest move... Because even with all their so-called experts, the...
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Should you outsource your financial and tax planning?

In today's 🎧 episode, I’m tackling a subject many of us are tempted by: outsourcing. Can you really hand over the reins of your life—from managing your home to handling your investments—and expect good results? My...
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How I nearly lost $400,000 (true story)

In this episode, I will tell you how I nearly lost $400,000 several years ago and how this could easily happen to you too if you don't know the cross-border rules that apply to you. At that time I had just lost my...
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All the details about my new course: The Expat Finance Kit

Living in a different country? Confused about how to handle pension contributions, taxes, currencies and more? You're not alone and this special episode of the Radio Aysha podcast is just for you. 🎧 Listen in as I...
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10 Mistakes Most Expats Make With Their Finances

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the whole international finance thing? Trust me, you're not alone. From figuring out taxes in different countries, sorting through scattered pensions, to even navigating through currency...
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Why Radio Aysha & Our Journey Recap!

Dive into the very first episode of this podcast as I unveil the story behind 'Invest Like Aysha'. You'll hear all about the bold moves and decisions that shaped us since our humble beginnings in 2018 and get a sneak...
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